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Pooja Padmakumar

Pooja Padmakumar

Software Engineer

IBS Software Trivandrum

Computer Science and Engineering Department


College life at STIST was a new chapter in my life. I had a good set of inspiring and motivating professors who helped me to reach the place at which I am today. STIST also helped me get my placement and today I am happily placed at IBS.

The college has a very calm and peaceful ambience which helps the students to concentrate on their academics and the culture fest at the college gave me a platform to exhibit my singing talent. I had various opportunities to compere programs which helped me to augment my leadership capabilities.I am grateful to the Principal and my Professors who have always helped me whenever I needed help.


Merlyn Thomas

Merlyn Thomas

Asst. System Engineer,TCS

Computer Science and Engineering Department


Being a student of St.Thomas Institute for Science and Technology was the most memorable event of my Life. Four years in college was of course a series of ups and downs,but with the help of our staff and all the classmates life was smooth and Happy.

To start with it was our teachers who encouraged us in every point of our life. Without them it would have been difficult for us to pass the academic years. Besides the academics the college also let us to celebrate festivals like Onam, Christmas and ofcourse the college fests which have become the major throwback memories.

Four years in College was remarkably the most happening days of my life because these days won't come back again. I would like to thank my college for giving me such a life cherishing experience.


Anand V

Anand V

Former College Student Council Chairman of (13-14)

Completed Mtech at Government Engineering College Barton Hill

Mechanical ENgineering Department

Being a student of St.Thomas Institute for Science and Technology was the biggest feat that I had ever held for. The tangible and transparent nature of the management not only channelized the path for excelling in academics but also helped in imparting those acquired skillsets in an immediate surrounding in a very efficient manner.

Also, the incredible accountability that the faculties were exhibiting, groomed me personally with leadership qualities, conviction, collaboration, interpersonal skills and aligned towards the fulfillment as a person and bestowed us with great knowledge & willingness to transfer those in moulding the coming generations.

Besides these etiquette being trained , it was an honour and privilege for having completed my degree by serving the college with esteemed positions such as Chairman, Arts Club Secretary, Volunteer Secretary of National Service Scheme and indulging myself in sports , arts and other activities along with my studies which finally helped  in carving out the best in myself at the time of bidding adieu to the institution.


Tinu Anna

Tinu Santhosh

Application Development Analyst – SAP

Accenture, USA

  Computer Science and Engineering Department

I will never forget the great time I had being in St Thomas. Our professors provided us the notes and links that helped us prepare for exams. I really want to thank my department professors for the support and care.

I also want to wish STIST students all the best. Work hard and at the same time try to enjoy your 4 years college life. Last year will be the best year. Don’t live in the friends zone/group you have. But, try to come out and be friends with the entire class. Then, you’ll enjoy college life even more.



Aswath Mohan

Third Rank holder in B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)

Graduate student at University of Michigan

Pursuing master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering with gas dynamics as sub-plan

  Mechanical Engineering Department

My undergraduate studies as a part of the St. Thomas Institute for Science and Technology (STIST) family is a prized landmark in my life. Even though the institute was in the inception phase when I enrolled, I did not cultivate second thoughts because of the reputation Mar Thoma Church Society held for operating educational establishments par excellence.

The instructors that I had been assigned with while studying here remain as peerless assets even long after I bid adieu to the institute. They fostered us in measures beyond what the curriculum mandated to become successful students whilst being responsible adults, mentoring our interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, personal growth all the while stressing on professionalism.

During my association with STIST, I have had the opportunity to grow beyond the four walls of the classroom with N.S.S activities, arts, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. The bonds I forged and the memories I created here at STIST will always remain cherished.

Abhishek S

Abhishek S

Pursuing M Tech in Structural Engg from College of Engineering TVM

Civil Engineering Department


My four years in STIST were one of my best experiences. It gave me introduction to various extra curricular activities alongside extraordinary scholastics. Those four amazing years gave me much more than bookish knowledge.  It gave every facilities and support expected to accomplish high throughout my life.

Thinking back, I can see my area of expertise was critical and a venturing stone in my profession. It enabled me to build up my relational abilities, which are critical in any field of work