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College Code STI

Discipline Committee

Discipline Committee

St. Thomas Institute for Science & Technology - Empowering Students through a Student-Centric Approach

Introduction: St. Thomas Institute for Science & Technology (college code: STI) is renowned for its student-centric campus, dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience. From the very beginning, we focus on instilling a sense of freedom with responsibility in our students. We believe in nurturing their personal and academic growth while fostering a culture of discipline and respect.

Disciplinary Committee: At St. Thomas Institute for Science & Technology, we understand the importance of maintaining a conducive learning environment for all students. In cases where disciplinary matters arise, we have established a dedicated Disciplinary Committee to ensure fair and timely resolution.

Reporting an Incident: If you encounter any disciplinary concerns or witness behavior that violates the college's code of conduct, we encourage you to report it to the Disciplinary Committee. You can approach any faculty or staff member, or use the reporting mechanism available on our website. Your report will be handled with utmost confidentiality, and necessary steps will be taken to address the matter promptly and fairly.

At St. Thomas Institute for Science & Technology, we believe in nurturing responsible and well-rounded individuals who can contribute positively to society. By maintaining a strong focus on discipline and accountability, we create an environment that fosters personal growth and academic excellence.