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College Code STI

Computer Science and Engineering

Department : Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at STIST offers a 4 years Bachelor degree program leading to the award of B.Tech Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. The curriculum balances the practical and theoretical aspects of Computer Science and Engineering.

Computer Science is the study of computer systems that includes the architecture of computer, development of computer software, information processing, Computer application, algorithmic problem solving and the mathematical foundations of the discipline. Students learn concepts and skills needed for designing, programming, and applying computer systems while also learning the theoretical and mathematical foundations of computer science.

The department tries to create an intellectually stimulating learning environment and encourages mentoring of the students by its competent faculty members. Several of its faculty members have rich industrial experience and this helps the students get the right balance of theory and practice.




Teaching Faculty of Department : Computer Science and Engineering

Faculty List Designation Qualification Join Date Nature of Association
Mr.Anup Mathew Abraham HOD M.Tech 10-06-2011 Regular
Dr Jasmine Paul Associate Professor Ph.D 18-04-2022 Regular
Mr. Mebil Bernaldu Assistant Professor M.E -
Mrs. Ancey Varghese Assistant Professor M. S. 10-12-2014 Regular
Mrs. Divya Susan Mathew Assistant Professor M.E. 03-01-2017 Regular
Mr.Shinu Mamachan Assistant Professor M.E. 21-01-2017 Regular
Mr. Nikhil V. Mathew Assistant Professor M. Tech. 01-08-2017 Regular
Mrs.Bibi Annie Oommen Assistant Professor M. Tech. 22-11-2021 Regular
Mrs Bindu Ann Thomas Assistant Professor M.E 01-03-2023 Regular
Mr. Immanuel Thomas Assistant Professor M.Tech 23-03-2023 Regular