Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Department : Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is one of the core fields of engineering, always evergreen in terms of scope and job prospects and is multi-disciplinary in nature, representing a veritable synergy of different technologies ranging from Generation of power and their control using computer methods.

In real life Electrical Engineers end up doing a very interesting and wide range of activities. Electrical Engineers are expected to have fantastic time with a rapid employment growth in the coming decade. There is a strong demand for Electrical Engineers in almost all industrial sectors. The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, established in the year 2010, has been well structured, in terms of experienced staff and state of the art laboratory facilities

Teaching Staff of Department : Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Staff List Designation Qualification Experience
Prof. Vijayakumar T. G. Professor M. Sc. Engg. 37 Years
Dr. Jasper J. Associate Professor M. E., M.B.A., Ph. D. 14 Years
Mrs.Rinu Sarah Mathews Assistant Professor M. Tech. 8 Years
Mrs.Asha R Assistant Professor M. Tech. 8 Years
Mrs. Prathibha Viswan Assistant Professor M. Tech. 9 Years
Mrs. Preethy K. Assistant Professor M. Tech. 7 Years
Mr. Vipin Kumar M. Assistant Professor M. Tech. 7 Years