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College Code STI


Department : Electrical and Electronics Engineering : Laboratories


This Laboratory provides a platform for modelling and analysis of linear and nonlinear systems with the help of hardware and software tools in the control framework.


  • DC servo motor
  • Process control simulator with P,PI and PID controller
  • AC servo motor
  • Level process controller
  • PLC trainer kit
  • Synchro transmitter  & receiver

Software:  Simulation tools like MATLAB/ SCILA


LAB NAME: Electrical machines lab 

Description: The purpose of this lab is to provide practical experience in operation and testing of DC machines, transformers and AC machines


  • DC series motor
  • DC compound motor
  • DC shunt motor
  • DC generator set
  • 3 Phase transformer
  • Synchronous motor
  • Induction generator
  • Squirrel cage induction motor
  • Slip ring induction motor
  • 1 Phase induction motor


LAB NAME: Power electronics lab

Impart practical knowledge for the design and setup of different power    electronic converters and its application for motor control.


  • RPS dual output 0-30V 5A
  • RPS single output 0-30V 5A
  • RPS single output 0-15V 5A
  • RPS single output 0-5V 2A
  • Analog multimeter
  • Digital multimeter

Software: MATLAB


LAB NAME: Power systems lab

This Laboratory will provide a perfect platform for the students to do hands-on practice with hardware and software in Power Systems. The experiments include simulation of power system analysis in steady state and transient state. The Hardware experiments cover Protective Relaying and High Voltage Testing. Successful completion of this lab will certainly make the students equipped for any Power Industry.


  • Sphere gap apparatus
  • Capacitance divider 100 kV
  • Disc string insulator 11 kV,6 disc
  • Pin insulator 11kV
  • Lightning arrester 11 kV
  • Oil test kit 60 kV
  • Test kit EMOC Relay, IDMT
  • Test kit EMEF Relay, IDMT
  • Test kit EMUV Relay, IDMT


Software: Simulation tools like MATLAB/ Mi-Power


LAB NAME: Electrical & Electronics workshop

Description: Electrical Workshop is intended to impart skills to plan and carry out simple electrical wiring. It is essential for the practicing engineers to identify the basic practices and safety measures in electrical wiring.


  • Digital multimeter
  • Clamp meter AC/DC
  • Mixer grinder HL 1606
  • Iron box MJI 22
  • Digital LCR meter

LAB NAME: Circuits and measurements lab

Description: This laboratory is designed to train the students to familiarize and practice various measuring instruments and different transducers for measurement of physical parameters. Students will also be introduced to a team working environment where they develop the necessary skills for planning, preparing and implementing basic instrumentation systems.


  • LVDT
  • Thermocouple
  • Load cell
  • Single phase energy meter
  • 3phase energy meter
  • Wheat stones bridge
  • Vernier potentiometer
  • Thermistor
  • RTD